Borders of any kind are man made. Man creates these borders to stay relevant and also to remain in a comfort zone. Whether it is a geographical border, border created through religious practices, borders created for business to flourish, workspace borders, borders created through indoctrination or borders created through mental conditioning,– all borders are man made. Lack of skills and knowledge to perceive reality has further deepened these borders. It is an irony, as Man loves freedom yet he goes about creating these borders and gets caught in a web designed by him.

True freedom lies beyond these borders. Beyond the borders lie limitless forms of self-expression and an opportunity to explore the depths of our true potential.What can lead us to our destination – Freedom?

The Ancient Practice of Yoga
The human mind is a very powerful instrument. It can fathom the deepest secrets of the Universe, create wonderful patterns in space and time, and harness the powers of Nature. It can also be a force of destruction and evil.

Torchlight shines feebly. When concentrated to a very high degree, light becomes a laser, and can cut the hardest metal. A river when dammed generates power. The mind too is a river of ceaseless thoughts – random, unfocussed, and often destructive. When focused, the mind becomes a force that can create great art and generate great ideas.

Yoga has been defined variously. The most accurate are:

  • Restrictions of the fluctuations of the Mind
  • Skill in Action
  • Relaxed and steady practices
  • Union with the Cosmic Mind

Yoga emerged from India. However, it is non-denominational. It involves no worship or rituals.
Yoga is a series of physical, breathing, and meditational techniques that bring health and harmony to the body, focus and clarity to the mind, and peace in the soul.
Yoga is study of the cosmic principles that underlie our Universe. Yoga is working selflessly for all humanity. Yoga is paying homage to the Cosmic Force – that may be expressed in any name and form, by every faith.
Yoga is a potent tool to enable us to surmount all borders.

Beyond Geographical Borders
Geographical borders get created through mans insatiable greed and need for power and self-relevance. The outcome is a world plagued with war and terror. Thousands of innocent lives are destroyed each year. A never-ending cycle of hopes dashed, dreams lost.

In such a state yoga applies the balm to create a soothing effect. Yoga helps calm the mind. A calm mind drops prejudice, hatred, and fear. Yoga teaches us that a rainbow emerges from and dissolves into one light.  We all belong to one light, one humanity. Yoga makes us experience the oneness in diversity. It makes us realize that the world is one huge family intricately linked to each other. The flutter of a butterfly in one part of the world can be an indicator of an outcome in a different part of the world. (Read more about it : Edward Norton Lorenz – The butterfly effect). Yoga makes us experience that we are part of the One World Family.

In 2015, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar harnessed the power of Yoga and Meditation to bring out a cease-fire in Colombia.
Your commitment in Colombia for more than eight years compels us to recognize your achievements in peace matters in our overwhelmed nation, and to thank you for the undeniable presence of Art of Living in our country

Fabio Raul Amin Saleme, President of the House of Representatives, Congress of Colombia
‘Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, and the organization he founded, Art of Living, have bridged geography and history, to end a half-century of war. Sri Sri as he is known to his devotees, had gone to Colombia with a simple, yet giant message – that peace is the real revolution, that it is peace and meditation that are more effective in resolving class and communal conflicts than all the armies and missiles in the world.’

Borders Created for Business to Flourish
Skewed trade practices, bargaining across nations, trade sanctions imposed on countries, relationship between the goliaths in the industry and the ancillary units is an indication of the borders created for business to flourish. It is an example of strength being used to create business advantages to the point of strangling growth of the other. This too is born out of greed and a need to establish dominance.

Prudent business thinking compels you otherwise. It makes you realize that collaboration, a win win attitude, empathy and joining of strengths will provide greater benefit to all and help increase your circle of influence. Astute thinking gets enhanced through yoga. Thanks to the Internet of things and the formation of a global village these boundaries will need to get dropped. Yoga enhances the speed and provides you with the intuitive ability and sharpened intelligence to stay ahead of things.

Borders Created by Religious Fanaticism
Everybody is bent on proving that his or her religion is the only correct route for salvation. Non-adoption of the religion espoused can lead to bad and serious consequences for the individual. Rituals and Fear psychosis is used for indoctrination.

A beautiful flower is crushed by limited understanding the moment he or she is born. This needs to be reversed through education. All religions in its purest form talk about only one truth. If there is one pursuit we need to have it is that of self-realization. There is nothing beyond.

Yoga brings in this realization and binds people together in their pursuit of the self. Yoga makes you experience the union of the body, mind and soul. Not marred by any religion it is a universal tool for all of us to experience for ourselves our true potential, our vastness, our beautiful Self.

Reigning of the Shrew
What really creates these borders across the minds of several people? What creates this divide? It is this monkeying mind. An action is created in the mind before it finds expression as an act in the physical world. Yoga takes the bull by its horns by helping to reign in the mind. It does the job of taming the shrew. Meditation, which is an intrinsic part of yoga, paves the way to tame the mind. It acts as a tranquilizer and makes one experience the state of nothingness. A state that is beyond words, a state of great happiness, a state of bliss.

Once this knowledge ascends stress dissolves. What emerges is oneness, a win win attitude, a collaborative approach a philosophy of live and let live. Yoga takes you on a journey beyond the borders and experience the oneness. Experience true freedom.

Bhavesh Parekh,

Digital Media Consultant


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