Multi-dimensional, immensely talented with an unquenching thirst to know more, Rajeev Nambiar is a package of dire will, undying enthusiasm and limitless skill. An engineer by qualification, the media bug bit him and there started his journey into the exploration of his life with-in and out. After heading successful magazines like L’official  he moved to work in Reliance Communications working closely with Tina Ambani on the Harmony magazine. He has been on the advisory boards on a few start-ups for branding, design and communication. Compelled to take an intellectual understanding to everything, Rajeev is practical to the P, yet manages to balance emotions influencing his life. He believes in expending quality time and energy a 100 percent, whether it is work or family, to maintain a work-life balance.

Director of Rishimukh, Magazine of the Art of Living Foundation, for 10 years now, he is not bored with his work to this day. He believes that humaneness and personal connectedness are the only reasons he has a strong and happy team. He has inspired, nurtured and impacted lives of thousands in his journey so far, yet feels like a constant learner.

Make no limitation or boundaries of yourself, at the same time being content with the bar of excellence attained, is what he feels is the way to excellence. To him excellence has nothing to do with power, money or success, it has to do with what one can do with time, situation, zeal and energy.