Known for her iron will, integrity and unflinching commitment, Dr. Richa Chopra has a Masters and a  Doctorate in Child Development and is currently pursuing her Masters in Advance Nutrition from IGNOU. She also has an Advance diploma in Child Guidance and Counselling.

Dr. Richa conceived the Project Management Unit at The Art of Living spearheading global social initiatives in collaboration with the UN, UNICEF, UNAIDS, WHO and the Government of India for a successful 10 years. Whilst leading high-scale international projects, she inspired people and lead teams across India to participate in global initiatives and also lead regional social projects. Not only have these projects brought to light many pressing issues, it transformed the lives of thousands of people be it in the field of environment protection, spiritual integration or protection of the girl child. 

Her intuitive sharpness combined, inner strength with immense sincerity makes her who she is. Gifted with foresight and immense self-belief, she envisioned and initiated many social projects beyond it’s time. A woman of her word, she can accomplish any task in the best way and in the shortest time span.  An excellent mother, an excellent mentor, an excellent learner, Dr. Richa Chopra has mastered the skill to deal with different mind-sets, situations and with life.   

She has travelled internationally spreading the wisdom of living life sans any stress and has been responsible in bringing smiles to many faces. On Excellence she says, ‘Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skilfull execution.’