Risk-taker, thinker and immensely passionate, Amit Khorana’s journey has been one from normal to excellent. With 16 years of experience in ITES, Training and Institutional Sales he has a rich experience in leading & managing enterprise technical support operations. He is currently associated with Microsoft as Service Delivery Manager to lead supplier team to deliver on OnPremise and Cloud KPI. Prior to Microsoft, Amit has also worked with Dell, Convergys, STG and Johnson & Johnson. He believes that spontaneity and the courage to take up challenges sets him apart in the corporate world which is attuned to pre-thinking, conservatism and evaluations. Awareness and naturalness to him stand as key qualities a leader should possess. He loves what he does and this connection with his work, brings comfort and relaxation which opens up channels of intuition and innovation. To him excellence is to enjoy what you do, expand your horizon, and contribute. On inspiration he notes, ‘You don’t need to inspire; people get inspired. You just need to be.