Leadership Style That Creates Workplace Success

‘Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress; working together is success’ 

– Henry Ford.

These famous words from one who scripted early success in the corporate world only throw light on the importance of team work as one treads the tumultuous path to success. To build a competent team that has the capability to live up to the demands and challenges that confront an organization is a far greater challenge than the competence or brilliance of the person heading it. You may be a genius but if you are not capable of putting together a competent team to give shape to your ideas, realise your dreams and take your firm to its rightful position, then success just seems to be within arm’s reach but is never really yours. What then is the success mantra? A simple shift in focus from the individual to the team—a transition from “I” to “Us” can achieve miracles often bringing the impossible within the realms of possibility.

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