An epitome of simplicity, naturalness and enthusiasm, Sumedha Talwar has experienced excellence at every step in her life. A silver medalist from one of the best architecture colleges of India, Chandigarh College of Architecture, Sumedha soon took to teaching architecture at Chandigarh College of Engineering & Technology. Discovering early her passion to teach, she served as an Associate Professor in the Department of Architecture for nearly 30 years, moulding and nurturing lives of many young individuals in their education and career. 

With a deeply satisfying journey as a professor, she now plans to tap into her entrepreneurial spirit by joining her husband in his pharmaceutical venture. Her youthful spirit, zeal and energy is contagious. Her perfection at work and her ability to maintain a work life balance makes her worthy of admiration and emulation. 

A senior honorary faculty of The Art of Living Foundation, she has been associated with the organisation for over 19 years spreading happiness, creating leaders and devoting her life to selfless service for the betterment of the society. She feels that her life has attained an inexplicable purpose as a natural teacher and contributor towards the growth of individuals.

Enthusiasm, clarity of mind and authenticity being her core strengths, she believes in giving her heart and mind to anything she does without focussing on it’s result. 

Excellence to her is an ongoing process and an innate practice. She states that leaders of today need to genuinely care for their team and bring a sense of oneness which establishes trust and inspires individuals to give their best.