Would you have success pursue you or be in its pursuit? 
Success formula for a Start up includes being the first to table the BIG Idea in the market, understanding the market and competition and forming long term and short term strategies to remain the Numero Uno!
From perhaps being a subject specialist you find yourself wanting in knowledge of marketing,operations, finance,networking,fund sourcing and many more fields! Your passion to succeed is unrivaled! Passion however needs its consort, GRIT, along with a heightened presence factor will ensure all the elements needed to succeed.
G – Genius: Express the genius in you with clarity and confidence
R – Resilience: Increased resilience in the face of obstacles, competition and uncertainty
I – Intuition: The ability to get the right thought at the right time and at the right place. An essential element for innovation & creativity and also in making intelligent decisions and crisis management.
T – Tenacity: Heightened determination in your idea and persistence to ensure sustainability
  • Enhancing the GRIT Quotient and Presence factor
  • Being an Inspirational and Value Based Leader
  • Team Building and Teamwork – Building a Conducive Atmosphere at Workplace
  • Coping with Uncertainty
  • Understanding the Body-Mind Complex
  • Lifestyle Management – Stress Elimination & Healthy Living
  • Sutras for Effective Social Engagement
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Sudarshan Kriya ®

For Whom: Entrepreneurs & Start-Ups

Duration: 18 Hours across 3 or 4 days

The program can be conducted either in a residential format or a non residential format (day scholar). The program is also offered in an Open Format where business leaders confluence to learn from each other and benefit through networking. 

The 40-day Almanac is a Self-Reflection guide available as a book and an app for all our iEXCEL iLEAD participants to help understand their mind and hone their observation, perception and expression at workplace and in life in general. Here’s the Almanac weblink.